How Often Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced in Calgary?

Like different elements in your house have unique lifespans, so does your roof. Even if you’ve owned your home for a while or it’s brand new, regularly checking up on the status of your roof is key. Installing a new roof can be a pricey ordeal, so understanding the average lifespan of a roof in Calgary is key. Depending on the time of year, weather conditions, and the type of roof you have, your roof may need to be replaced more or less frequently.

In Calgary, the average roof can last between 15 and 20 years before needing a replacement. However, this lifespan may be extended or shortened due to weather conditions such as hail, wind, and snow. If you live in a colder climate, for example, then chances are your roof will need more frequent maintenance and replacement than someone living in a warmer climate. This means you need to turn to the pros and Epic Roofing are among Caglary’s leading Roofing contractors!

Factors that will determine how long your roof will last include:

1. Climate

The lifespan of your roof is significantly influenced by the climate and how much direct sunlight it’s exposed to annually. For example, if shingles are dried out and cracked from too much sun, they’ll leak during rainstorms or provide an opening for mould to grow. A common problem for roofs in Calgary is thermal shock. This occurs when the temperature rapidly goes from hot to cold, causing the roof materials to expand and contract. Over time, this can weaken the roof and cause it to deteriorate faster than normal.

The colder it is outside, the more likely snowfall becomes. Although a wintry scene may look good on a postcard, extra weight from added inches of snow on your roof can be dangerous if your home’s structure isn’t sound. There are two main ways that Calgary’s strong winds can damage roofs: by the force of the wind itself or by picking up and throwing debris against your roof.

2. Quality of craft

The quality of the materials used and the skill level of the person installing your roof can greatly impact its longevity. Make sure to hire qualified Calgary roofers with experience with the type of roof you have, as they’ll be able to install it properly and ensure that it lasts longer. Poorly-installed roofs usually need to be replaced much sooner than properly installed ones. Additionally, some roofing materials will last longer than others, so be sure to ask your Calgary roofer which material they recommend for the climate.

3. Materials

Many homeowners choose roofing products based on price, but this might not be the best option in the long run. In Calgary, higher quality asphalt shingles will last longer and protect your home better from the sun, cracking and peeling less over time. Many modern materials have been engineered to be cost-effective and last for years.

In addition, installing underlayment is crucial to not only the lifespan of your roof but also the protection of your belongings. It is a backup support system if your roof cracks or sustains any damage. With proper underlayment, you can avoid problems like moisture buildup and mould growth. Plus, it helps prevent the decay of essential materials used in construction.

4. Inspection

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your roof by regularly examining it for any missing shingles or moss patches. However, even with these efforts, deterioration can still occur without professional help. This is why an annual inspection from an experienced Calgary roofer is essential to prevent further damage and maintain the condition of your home.

5. Ventilation

Proper attic venting is key to a comfortable and energy-saving home. Without it, your house becomes susceptible to mould, ice dams, and other costly damage. With proper roof ventilation, fresh air can circulate through the attic space, preventing moisture and condensation before they have time to wreak havoc. Not only does this create attic ventilation that safeguards your investment, but it also makes your homeownership experience much more enjoyable.

When does someone need to call Calgary roofers?

Although your roof may look fine, it’s a good idea to call Calgary roofers for an annual checkup. This will ensure that any minor problems can be addressed before they become major ones. Additionally, if you’re missing shingles or noticing water damage, these are signs that the roof needs to be replaced immediately. Act quickly because a leaking roof can cause costly damage to the rest of your home.


To extend the lifespan of your roof, it’s important to consider the climate, quality of workmanship, materials used, and regular inspections. Working with a trusted team of Calgary roofers can help protect your investment and provide added peace of mind that your home is taken care of. Remember that your roof is not a one-time expense but an ongoing investment, and choosing the right materials and services can save you money in the long run.